Finnish oldschool death metal from Tampere.

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From left to right: Pekko(b), Juho(d), Jussi(v), Ville(g) Jukkis(g). Photo by Annika Virtanen.

Saattoväki was formed in Tampere at the very beginning of the year 2010, by Jukka-Pekka Rouhento, Ville Rouhiainen and Pekko Vilpola(Vulvarine, Taistelukala). The idea was to play oldschool death metal, make good songs without any pressures and in good, creative atmosphere. A little later that year Jesse Tikka joined the band and first demo was recorded with session drummer Ville Aatsinki (Ex-Diesel Skull, Wömit Angel, Drawn Awake). The demo was made somewhat hastily, so physical release was not created of it.

After the first demo drummer Juho Savikurki(Kaarnekorpi, Äkä) joined Saattoväki and the band started to get ready for gigs. First gig was held at bar Jack the Rooster in Tampere on the 5th of May 2011. Due to some random reasons the band developed slowly, Jesse Tikka leaved the band and Ville Viertola joined in for guitar duties, Pekko Vilpola shifted to bass. After the dust had cleared, on the Autumn of 2011 recordings of second demo started. Process was not fast due to other responsibilities of band's members, but the overall quality of recordings sifted to the next level.

After the instruments were recorded Ville Rouhiainen left the band in mutual agreement. Luckily new singer was quite easily founded and Jarno Salo (Routakehä) took over the vocal duties. Hard training started, all the lyrics were written again and in the summer of 2012 the second Saattoväki's demo 'Hammer' was finally ready to be released.

At the winter 2013 we decided to take departure from Jarno Salo. He did good job, but we felt that this was not the right band for him. It didn't take long, because in couple of months Jussi Jantunen joined our ranks. After long writing process, some gigging and recording session our new record Carnal Liturgies EP is finally ready to be released in 2015.

This is just the beginning for the Törment ov the Godzzz!