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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review from Polish Psychozine

Review from Polish Psychozine, 3 1/2 stars, not bad! 

Google translation to English:
"The Finnish death metal scene probably soon someone will write a work made "Swedish Death Metal". It may not be as bloated and colorful, as the Finns still missing the biggest teams format, but let's face it, the achievements of the representatives of the local scene is of great importance for the history and the face of the genre. Throwing examples of pointless, because every fan art deadly awakened one breath wyrzyga a dozen or so names of high caliber. All indications are that this group will soon join the Tampere five butchers, who in 2010 under the name Saattoväki Loja and a few weeks boast the latest issued in the form of a demo cassette by native Till You Bleed Fukkin.
Bartuus consistently penetrates underground digging pretty tasty morsels in the form of units, which are supplied by the average metalworker Empik stores distribution is clueless and name Saattoväki certainly do not associate it with anything completely. And here you go, roundhouse punch right between the eyes. Seven tracks, including one instrumental, contained in less than twenty minutes, refers to the best Finnish death metal patterns rales, so fans of the early achievements Demilich, Purtenance, Convulse, Demigod, Adramelech, or even Xysma Disgrace can easily reach for this material. Muse played in accordance with the standards, which is the most difficult and brutal, but also with flair, finesse and a little creativity. It's really very clear and fresh, I would venture to say that in its own way quite original. I like the distinctive vocals - blunt, balanced, niestroniący of trips, but firmly embedded in the wider death metal conventions. Besides, a lot of solid riffs, cool mixing bass in the background, all dressed in dark melodies and a strange atmosphere, which to be honest, I can not define the end. Moreover, the totality of Saattoväki, as listed (not without reason) of the teams is not limited to uniform napierdalania on one foot, effectively diversifies his music, but in fact do so in moderation and without undue experimentation. Mourners, because it can be explained with the Finnish name for the group, offer a short but pithy material that intrigued me personally. With interesting I will add that uświadczycie not in the band any famous names and musicians from Beech know what experience and achievements as nothing less than more means that the Finnish youth rockuje well, and the young generation of artists from the cold, zapijaczonej Finland surprise us more than once."

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